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Haah! Did 4 endings so far - solo, amends, single-minded and boyfriends, and this is SO AWESOME! It really met all of my expectations! I'll do a little break now, and then try all of the other endings, as I assume they include the dad and the Lady, and I wanted to draw a separation.

Your art is as great as always, and I definitely really enjoy your adult scenes (I'm pretty picky about the writing and illustrations of that kind of stuff). The only thing that bothered me were the evening talks with the dad. I mean, nothing wrong with that per se - it was interesting. But  the fact some of them may repeat in a single playthrough bothers me. I mean, that's not such a big deal, but if I'm to nitpick, it would be that!

And with that being said...

---------------------- SPOILERS AHEAD!!!-----------------------

Your writing is so great I don't even hnnn!!! What I'm going about here is that I'm very - and I mean VERY - picky about polyamorous relationships, even more in games than in series or whatever. It takes a lot for me to like one, and even more to think it's the logical and/or best outcome for the characters. And you succeeded at it soooo well. Since the very beginning I was convinced it was the best way (that's why I tried to avoid it on my first  playthroughs, in order to save the best for last - well, the last for now, since now I'll have to do work-focused playthroughs). I really love the way the relationship progresses between the characters and how it doesn't feel "right" for them if one of them is left out. The boyfriends ending is the cutest thing ever, and it's so nice to see such a harmonious relationship.

Now, I must say  that I really loved the single-minded ending too, though (did it on Burdoc's side). It's really great (and awful XD) to see how things go crashing down from the half point on, if you don't start to take care of the other character. I find Tomai's reactions very interesting, in that he really doesn't see what's wrong, and makes mistake after mistake without even meaning bad. Of  course the ending is awfully heartbreaking and sad, but it doesn't mean it's badly written - it's the opposite! I like the classical otome/BL game formula, but it's nice to see you "stood your ground" with the characters and their relationship. All too often games like that make it "normal" to entirely neglect one or more of your friends to hang out with the one you want to romance only. As I said, I have nothing against that formula as well, it's "only a game", but it's really nice to see a game that actually punishes you for being kind of a jerk haha XD

And one more thing - I love your way of making use of dreams in your stories in order to drop all sort of hints. I love it in Space School, I love it in Tomai, and I'm never bored of it! (speaking of wich, I think I won't be able to resist much longer and soon I'll dive into the current Space School chapter haha)

Aaand I went on for ages, as usual... oh well... XD

Hey hey hey! So glad to hear you played and enjoyed and so glad to hear you'll be doing the other endings as well! (You're on the nose that the other endings include The Lady and your Dad!)

The repeating endings remark is actually something we've gotten comments about from our testers but it's kind of a complicated issue-- a lot of it has to do with how Ren'py's  randomization code and routing stuff works. BUT! We have discussed putting in more of these events just to try and sway the chances in a later patch. (Because there WILL be a later patch and it WILL include a lot more content!)

-------RESPONSES TO SPOILERS!!!--------

Oh! Thanks so much! I didn't actually write the game this time though, it was Arcade Party who really brought all of these cuties to life! (The original story concept and character ideas were mine tho-- it was a collab!)

We are both so glad to hear you liked the poly ending and that it felt right and natural! That's important to the both of us. <3

Oh! You should def try the solo-route with Malik as well if you're interested because it also has a lot going on. (and a really great amends part as well!) I think Arcade Party's strength always lies in making the player interested in something that is sort of punishing-- so I'm glad he was able to put it to good use in this game as well, hehe. It's nice but also TOUGH to watch Tomai fuck up, isn't it?!

AND AH! Thank you! For some reason I just LOVE using dream stuff in stories so I'm glad they can continue to be interesting! (I think maybe it's cuz I have such vivid frequent dreams myself?!)

Thank you again for your kind words and long comment, and I'm SO GLAD to hear you had fun!! Can't wait to see how the other endings treat you! <3333

Yeah, I think I'll start with Malik's solo routes, and then use the save to alternate more with all of the other characters, and then start again to try routes with the dad and the Lady.

Also, now I'm hyped about that patch! 

And yeah, I think it's really important to make bad endings (whatever they are - not all bad endings are death and guts and blood XD) interesting. Some of my favorite endings in games are actually bad endings, for the sheer great writing or feel of them.

On a side note, I have to say I like Malik a way more than I thought I would! I've started with Burdoc's side for the amends and single-minded endings because he's more my style of character and I really liked him a lot since the moment I saw him, but doing Malik's events made me like him just as much!

Oh! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on those routes~

I'm so glad to hear you liked Malik as well-- both the boys are so different and have their own problems and way of solving issues and stuff, it was a lot of fun to see Ivan really like-- go ham with them! (Especially because Burdoc ended up a lot different from my original idea of him-- which I enjoy because he then just became my type. BIG 'N SWEET!)