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*Talking about the demo

After pressing start at Unity's user input window, the menu you made shows up. I set up my configs and try to confirm but it doesn't work. I don't know if it's me or what.

Are you using a keyboard or controller? KB controls are explained on the download page, but it's recommended to use a controller.

One of the KB controls use WASD for movement plus G and T for confirm and cancel. Please post if you continue to have problems. 

I was using a keyboard, with the controller it's fine. Thanks

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It's good to hear you got it working with a controller. Please tell me if you encounter any other issues. I'm C&Ping the control instructions here for anyone else:

*Please contact me via the support thread to confirm the game works properly with XBox/PS4/Keyboard controls. I have heard some people with problems and I want to know if they are widespread or not*

Unzip and run the .exe or .app file. For the best experience, use 2 or more XBox 360/PS4/XBox One controllers. You can use x360ce to emulate XInput from most input devices. If using keyboard or a keyboard mapper, please refer to these button settings:

CommandsXBox One/Xbox 360Dualshock 4 (PS4)KB LeftKB Right
ResetHold StartHold OptionsTabEnter
Advance MenusACrossG. >
Cancel MenusBCircleT; :
Direction InputAnalog Stick/DPadAnalog Stick/DPadWASDArrow Keys
Dash/JumpACrossG. >
1st Item SlotXSquareF/ ?
2nd Item SlotYTriangleR; :
3rd Item SlotBCircleTL
4th Item SlotRT R2YK
5th Item SlotLTL2H, <

At any time during the game, hold the Reset button for one second to reset to the Title Screen.

If you are experiencing slowdown OR would like to increase/decrease the graphical fidelity, press Reset on the Title screen to enter the Options screen where you can change the Internal Resolution to your liking.