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Increadibly satisfying game, amazing music and a beautiful setting, i really like everything Norse styled.

Fun idea about different weapons, gives plenty of variety and when i received both the bigger dagger and spear, i had to become more smart in my gameplay.

Fun boss as well, didnt take long before i realized how to beat him but it wasnt easy peasy either.

If i have to throw out something negative at least, then i think it might be the hitbox. it felt kind of like they hit me even when i wasnt touching the weapons they were throwing. but this wasnt a huge problem as it only reminded me of older unforgiving games haha

well done!

Thanks a lot for the feedback and for trying it out :) I can agree that some hitboxes are messed up (though that goes both ways imo, sometimes player-projectiles are pretty generous too! xD) But that's the kind of thing I didn't have time to fine tune due to the time limit :)