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oh wow i didn't actually notice that, i'll definitely try it again :D

A really fun game to play, and i personally like a good challenge. I got seen a couple of times even though i couldn't even see the guards which was a bit confusing but otherwise there weren't any major issues.

The music and sound effects really made it feel responsive and you could easily get immersed, it is very addicting. Problem is, i still haven't beaten it yet!!

I'll keep trying though, awesome game!

Increadibly satisfying game, amazing music and a beautiful setting, i really like everything Norse styled.

Fun idea about different weapons, gives plenty of variety and when i received both the bigger dagger and spear, i had to become more smart in my gameplay.

Fun boss as well, didnt take long before i realized how to beat him but it wasnt easy peasy either.

If i have to throw out something negative at least, then i think it might be the hitbox. it felt kind of like they hit me even when i wasnt touching the weapons they were throwing. but this wasnt a huge problem as it only reminded me of older unforgiving games haha

well done!