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could this be ported to real gbc hardware?


Although we are embracing graphic, computational and sound limitations from the actual Game Boy Color hardware as closely as possible, we are developing the game in Unity, so to play it on a GBC hardware we would have to remake it from scratch using a GB developing kit of some sort. 

We also break a few rules now and then. For example, the music loops are longer than your usual GB music, which makes the songs less repetitive but also means an increase in file size that would probably not fit in a GBC cartridge. We love the simple aesthetics from the Game Boy era but we also want the game to feel as comfortable as possible to a modern day audience.

To put it short, the amount of liberty we are taking is similar to how Yacht Club Games had when making Shovel Knight.


Would love to see it on switch if possible!! Loving the game!


Yeah, it would be really cool to see this on GBC. Have you seen how the creators of Alwa's Awakening approached the issue of porting their NES-style game to NES? They looked for a retro dev on Twitter, and now the game is coming to that console...