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I'm pretty sure that I abused some imbalance and bugs, but (continued below):

I liked the various types of enemies (worms! trojans! and the one turning programs rogue, that's very much what Mr.Smith did all of Matrix: Revolutions) - what software threat do the snakes stand for?

I think there are still some bugs (or at least thing I don't understand) - like, is defrag supposed to have a cooldown like the other hacking abilities? In my case, I just used it endlessly without skipping a turn or getting it cooled down, but then I used some other hacking skill and it put them all, including defrag, on cooldown.

The skill menu sometimes reported skills as unavailable even when I had enough bits - my impression was that the logic of unavailable tag wasn't quite right.

Sometimes I attacked empty spaces instead of moving into them, as if the game believes there is something in there.

As for imbalance, I reached the final boss with all skills unlocked and 200 bits in the pocket - he succumbed in two hits :D  Had fun regardless - lots of interesting content here to enjoy!


Thank you once again, I am happy that you enjoyed the game! The invisible enemies were probably Spywares, the masked guys that appear only if the do or receive damage, but if they die immediately I guess they never show up.

I will work on your notes to improve the game, they are very appreciated!