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Thanks for the demo, I really enjoyed the game, and will definitely get the full version.

Some things that came to mind:

- Some tutorials only apply to the gamepad, so a keyboard user must guess what "A" or "Y" translate to.

- It would be nice to tie the backstory to the gameplay (switching characters with "holy" and "evil" mode hinted from the opening scene).

- There should be checkpoints inside the levels: it's not fun to solve one mini-puzzle, die on the other one, and have to repeat the entire level. Level 4 of part 2 was not particularly fun because of this.

- Take this with a grain of salt: the later puzzles rely more on pressing a button at the right time than coming up with a clever solutions. In general it's more satisfying to have to come up with a mentally challenging solution than having to replay a mini-puzzle a few times until you jump or shoot at the right instant.

I made a video of my playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8S1tI9_vAA

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Thank you for the review.

The whole purpose of this demo is to get user data that will help us improve the game. The checkpoint system that you mentioned is under consideration and we wanted to implement it only if the game gets too hard for the players. Also for the tutorial buttons, you will have to pause the game and view controls for now. This will be fixed when the game comes out.

I really like your last point. I saw your video and somehow I guess you missed the last level (level 6 in the adventure section). Its a puzzle. I'm sure it will be an "aha" moment once you solve it.

These levels are challenging but there will be intermediary short levels between these long levels in the full game.

Thanks for the review! it means a lot to us and will help us further improve the levels.