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Running this on VICE and I'm loving it! I had some stuttering problems with GTKVice, but fortunately realized that there is a daily build link available, from which you can download the SDLVice which at least for me, works almost lagless. There is still some fairly rare random stutteringings but I almost quit playing because of the stutter on GTKVice, and with SDLVice I don't mind it at all so...

Anyhow, are there any recommended settings to use? C64 vs C64C? PAL vs NTSC? etc.

EDIT: I noticed there's this weird, high pitched pop when jumping around and it happens prominently when emulating PAL, when emulating NTSC it happens too but rarely.

I'd recommend PAL at 50Hz output if you can. I find the emulators hit and miss though so real hardware is best.

People have reported a noise glitch when changing rooms, it's something I'm looking into. That the only one I'm aware of though.

Thanks for the reply! I can try to replicate the sounds glitch I'm talking about and record it for you, if you want, though I don't know how much you wanna spend time on it (if at all) if you can't replicate it yourself, and I'm the only one who has mentioned it, and it's on an emulator no less. But I can try to investigate and record some evidence if you want it?

To be honest if it's an emulator issues it's not something I can fix. All I can say is that it works great on Win-Vice 3.5

Yeah I thought as much, and totally understandable. It happens to me on Vice 3.5 on the release and the dailies as well, mainly on PAL. Maybe VICE doesn't like my computer and lags the audio sometimes when jumping and the high-pitch pops are from buffer underruns etc.? Who knows, well anyhow I can play it enjoyable on NTSC though.