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I have a pseudo random number generator. So by seeding that with a set value I can generate the same 100 passwords each time.

Sorry to hear this. It's not an automatically diagonal jump, just your horizontal velocity is maintained when you start a jump. You can adjust in air. Have you tried a different joystick?

Hi, glad you like it. There’s a small bug if you leave the loading image on and allow the music to fade which quietens the mains tunes. Just skip the intro. Sorry about that.

So apparently you should put the D64 on to the KFF. I don’t have one so can’t confirm. Also trouble check your firmware on the KFF.

Really sorry about this, it’s fully tested on real hardware. I only have a pi1541 though. I’m sure somebody on Twitter installed it on a KFF. I’ll ask on there.

Thanks. This was a deliberate choice to try and help with diagonals on joysticks. It does help with that but I've seen what you say. The former saves more deaths so I kept it in. I'll try and refine it for the next mission.

QAOP was what I grew up with. I didn’t think people would use keyboard at all to be honest. Is not a very 64 thing to do.

Yes. In the options.

Sounds like you’ve got some keyboard conflicts. F1 is pause and space is also used. Check your input settings. Possibly port one is set to something.

I like that idea.

No, the zip has d64, t64 and prg

I’ll look into other joypads, I wasn’t aware of them. Have you completed tricky and hard? There’s a enemy in those modes which doesn’t even appear in normal.

That’s 3 things. ;)

I think the SID player has a bug where it sometimes plays the music low. Could be something to do with playing the loading tune through. Clicking is also the SID player, I thought that was just a C64 thing. I remember it as a kid. I’ll look into it.

In testing fire for jump was the preferred choice hence default. Just personal preference and quick to change.

Thank you.

That’s really good.


Very fast, congratulations! That's the best I've seen. Here's the level 2 run I mentioned:

Not that I’m aware of sorry. That sounds pretty quick. Most people play level 2 normal. I think 8.48 is the record there. PAL and NTSC are exactly the same.

Wow! Excellent work.

Thank you, I was playing a lot of Meat Boy and Celeste when I wrote this and that was the feel I was trying to capture. You're correct, I think modern game design is one of the reasons there's a resurgence in quality C64 games. I wish I'd know in the 80s what I know now, I could have been much more successful.

8.52 seconds for level 2 on "normal" is the time to beat.

There isn't sorry. I can perhaps look at making one for you. What do you need it for?

Nice. I think you'll find days 1 and 2 fairly easy!

Hi, I've messaged you on Twitter. Let me know if there's a more convenient way.

That's very kind of you, thanks.

Yeah, sorry that bug was found after release. It is fixed in version 1.1 which is downloadable if you bought the original. 

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. 

What was the glitch?

Any level could fit in a max 44 character string. So that's OK to cut and paste on a PC or a phone but more problematic if it goes to console say.

Well it's "Tier 3" on iOS and they're set by Apple. I put £3 on the Play Store and I guess Google did a more accurate conversion as that's closer to $4

I want to be able to share over multiple formats though. So copy and paste text is probably the best idea. I never heard of one person using the editor on the C64 version though so it wasn't a priority here.

It isn't as far as I know. £2.99 each in the UK. Perhaps the stores have a different exchange rate elsewhere.

Just realised there isn't one sorry! That's what I get for working in smartphone games for years. I'll add one in.

The Android version is already out sorry. I've added links to this page now.

No sorry, I'm thinking of adding one but need a suitable way to share between users.


Earlier this year I published a Commodore 64 game on itch and it went down really well with quite a few 90%+ review scores. I've now converted it in to Unity and have published a Windows version here. It's a puzzle platformer with a relaxed feel and 100 levels.

Here's the page:

And a trailer:

I still hope to finish Wheelie and release it but it’s low on the list.

The DLC loads by pressing L on the title screen which will search for the correct file on a disk in drive 8. The cartridge will also auto-save your progress in a different slot on the cartridge so you can play both sets of levels together if required.

great to hear. You can buy paperback book versions of this style of puzzle. The one I had called it Hanse but it was the same idea.

Thanks Stoic. Picross is a little confusing at first but great once it clicks. I’m glad GP could finally get you in to it. Great avatar as well, Bubble Bobble is one of the finest games ever.

Thanks for supporting it. And thanks for the kind words. It is fun coding for the C64.

Hi Brady, thanks for playing.

The passwords are only required to record your progress through the game. Starting without entering one will begin the game at level one. Sorry for the confusion.