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If it's already in your library I'm sure you could get it from there.

No, that was last worked on 30 odd years ago!

A couple of years ago. Bitmapsift did tape and disk versions and Beaver of the Black River did a cartridge version. Both were lovely packages.

Thank you, that's very kind of you to say. Saul Cross' amazing sound and graphics really helped as well.

Hi. Yes I rewrote the game in Unity so I could publish smartphone versions. Thalamus then got in touch and made the Switch version from that code.

Thank you!

Thanks you, I like to hear when people enjoy the stuff I do.

Thanks for these kind words.

I did consider the multiple square control but as you suggest it would take the code over the file limit. Those are the sort of things which can be added when polishing a title but the 4k comp often limits that kind of work. Which is why I entered it really, a big problem with starting projects is feature creep which means you add more and more stuff and never actually finish the game.

As for Grid Pix DLC I'll speak to James and see if we can release it.

Here's a video explaining the rules:

(179) Nurikabe Tutorial - #1 Rules - YouTube

And here's a follow up explaining how to solve a puzzle:

(179) Nurikabe Tutorial - #2 Solving a Puzzle - YouTube


I did start coding the second mission however since then my spare time to put into such a project has reduced greatly. So it's on hold for now sadly.

You can only play them in the level editor itself.  Each save file contains up to 20 levels though.

Thanks. Glad you’re liking it.

Thanks, glad you’re enjoying it.

Thanks. Sorry the Android version was removed from the Play Store by Google. I’ve just released a Switch version if that’s of interest.

It’s a good idea. If I get time I’ll look into it.

I don't know, I'll have to look into that. Thanks.

Thanks. Glad you liked it.  The reason for the easy levels is for players who aren’t familiar with the puzzle style. It’s a tricky balance.

yeah, sorry about that. Because I closed  my website they took me off the Play Store due to lack of a privacy policy. If you can install APKs I can send it to you for free.

Thanks. I'm sure it'll click eventually.


You can change to control method B on the "Help and Options" screen.

Thanks for playing. I look forward to watching the video.

Thanks, really glad you liked the game. I'm still thinking about DLC. It'll be free when it is release.

Thanks, that's really kind. The disk version is sold out but you can get tape here:

or cartridge here:

Thank you! The puzzles were designed by my friend Chun Wah Kong, he was a lead designer for Sony on The Getaway so he's got form!

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Ouch! I sometimes get stuck on the Switch version like that and it’s usually something obvious.

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I wrote a solver on my PC which ensured all the puzzles are unique and work and at the same time it grades their difficulty. So there is a good learning curve I think. 

Really nice and fair video, thanks for making it.

Thanks, I didn’t know that. I don’t have the annual.

To be honest if it's an emulator issues it's not something I can fix. All I can say is that it works great on Win-Vice 3.5

I'd recommend PAL at 50Hz output if you can. I find the emulators hit and miss though so real hardware is best.

People have reported a noise glitch when changing rooms, it's something I'm looking into. That the only one I'm aware of though.

Mad skills! Well done. 6:37 as well, rapid.

I have a pseudo random number generator. So by seeding that with a set value I can generate the same 100 passwords each time.

Sorry to hear this. It's not an automatically diagonal jump, just your horizontal velocity is maintained when you start a jump. You can adjust in air. Have you tried a different joystick?

Hi, glad you like it. There’s a small bug if you leave the loading image on and allow the music to fade which quietens the mains tunes. Just skip the intro. Sorry about that.

So apparently you should put the D64 on to the KFF. I don’t have one so can’t confirm. Also trouble check your firmware on the KFF.

Really sorry about this, it’s fully tested on real hardware. I only have a pi1541 though. I’m sure somebody on Twitter installed it on a KFF. I’ll ask on there.

Thanks. This was a deliberate choice to try and help with diagonals on joysticks. It does help with that but I've seen what you say. The former saves more deaths so I kept it in. I'll try and refine it for the next mission.

QAOP was what I grew up with. I didn’t think people would use keyboard at all to be honest. Is not a very 64 thing to do.

Yes. In the options.

Sounds like you’ve got some keyboard conflicts. F1 is pause and space is also used. Check your input settings. Possibly port one is set to something.