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Hi, sorry I didn't actually download your game due to it having a somewhat large file size, but I can tell you it's hard to get feedback on You have to attempt to promote your game through the use of a dev log, release announcement, etc. I'm having some success with my current project, but the two I uploaded before it each only received 12 views after being up a couple months.

As for your particular game (this is based off watching the trailer), it may very well be super fun but it doesn't form into a particular genre. Because of this, your game may be in a niche of it's own which likely means there are less potential customers (players) looking for a game like yours.

Hope my mini spiel is of some use, feel free to ask for clarification or let me know if you disagree with anything I said. Best of luck.

Thanks for the feedback. You are right that it is somewhat odd in that it doesn't fit neatly into a particular genre. Although it is primarily in the point and click adventure game genre, it has elements of other genres that may turn off some hardcore adventure fans. If this were the nature of comments I had gotten, I would completely understand that. Thanks very much for taking a look.

I completely understand, it seems rare to get constructive feedback. My pleasure.