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> The compiler only shows skills you can purchase

How much do they cost though? I had like 20+ bits and still nothing was selectable.

> Since the Jam Reviewers need access to the 7DRL release

I've seen a suggestion to update the browser version, but leave a detailed changelog of fixes for the reviewers to be able to gauge how much has changed since 7DRL release - then they can take off points in Completeness if you ended up fixing a lot of bugs, but can at least explore more of the game to leave a fair rating :) I'm happy to play the local version as well, if you'd rather not go with that!

  • The “blue” ones cost 16, the others 32 to 64, but the enemies drop more bits (up to 8) as you progress so by the ending you should be able to complete, or close to, one of the skill branches. I am making them selectable in the new version to show the details.

  • Maybe I can do the opposite, rebuild the 7DRL version as standalone and update the browser version, github should have everything I need. I will post a reply here, in case you are still interested, when ready in the weekend. It’s still pretty challenging, but more fair, I guess :)


I have updated the web version with the fixes and kept the original as a downloadable executable.

Thanks for commenting and giving me a reason to improve :)