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Thanks for the feedback, sorry for taking a bit to respond.

Adding subpages is a good idea and something we've bee planning on doing.

For some of the other idea, I do like them, but I'd like to build them along with someone who is hosting a jam that needs them. They can be more involved when implementing and I'd like to make sure that we're making something that people will be using. If  you've got a jam coming up and you need something specific please so say. That said, it's likely we'll end up implementing them, or variations of them, over time as the jam system is updated.



I just hosted the $101 Adventure Game Challenge jam which will be a yearly event, and I wish to use all of these features for the next one, but that's about a year away since the first one just finished. I may host other jams in the meantime though which would use these features, and I'll let you know if so. Also, feel free to contact me any time about them as I would love to be involved.