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Is Mac version compiled to 32-bit? It looks like it is when I try to run the game and modern Mac OS only accepts 64-bit 

Pain, thats why I reverted mi updates so I can play 32-bit games (more games), you should too...


Hey man, I can't really remember since I published this about 4 years ago. I can try to build a new version but might take me a while.

In the meantime, feel free to give First Winter a go. It's the remake/sequel to this game and I think you'll be able to run it on your Mac ok.

Whoops, I just unintentionally trolled you, by linking to First Winter and it doesn't have a mac build. I remember people having trouble with it. If I get time this weekend I'll try to check it out and see if I can work something out. 

On current build you can add 32-bit to the filename so there will not be mad DLs ;