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This was a genuinely fun time for a spook game. The world design and atmosphere were well done and made for a delightfully eerie walk through what would otherwise be average messy yard. The fog and dim lighting also work well to mask the low detail models and further the feeling of being alone in an unfamiliar place. I don't play many horror games, but I am very curious to see what else comes of the game if this was just the prologue/demo. Good job.

However, I do have a little criticism on it. The one flaw I found in the game was the pacing. While I'm fine with an unclear goal in a horror game, since the main point is usually just "Don't die," the puzzles in it were confusing at times and had me casually walking in circles around the map until I stumbled across something important. The steam pipe, for example. While not far from where it needed to go, it blended a little too well with its surroundings and I found it by chance. I also did not care for the inability to turn much while holding an item. That felt unnecessary.

Okay, so I finally beat this and saw some of the secrets. It was definitely an interesting experience.  Tea Time with Dolly was pretty fun.

One thing confuses me, however. What's the deal with the flowers? I never could figure out that puzzle and I'm really curious now.

Thank you, I'll fix it the coming months (and expand).