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Ask in ds server 

Релиз запланирован на 1 квартал 2024 года в Steam. Достоверную информацию найдете только на нашем Дискорд-сервере, либо в группе ВК. 

Are you used old version? There was an issue with gamepad connected to pc.

Про цену, около 300 рублей, предварительно.

Только стим.

так и будет  ☻

Next update probably fix

Можешь кинуть в дс, мы не баним особо ссылки. Главное не спамь ☺


Спасибо! Очень красиво ☺

u can write

Extract the archive pls


Unpacking archive (

Перевод на какой именно? 

I hope we'll make our best ☺

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 Is your GPU pretty old? Or maybe doesn't support Dx11? We should figure it out in the future. Sorry for this ☺


Not correct extracting

You mean bug? You fell under room?

Игра не от лица таракана, дело не в судьбе

Некст обнова

Along with the game should be a folders Data/Languages

Mb you have your gamepad on?

You can translate the files from "Data/Languages/English" into Chinese and send them to
Also specify your nickname in the Translation.txt file

Actually, it's not a shader.

It is quite different, but events of the demo will be a part of the full game.

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No problem. [Added]

Pixel Graphic

The game runs in low resolution and there aren't many effects, so while we don't know exact specs, the requirements should be low. It was developed on a laptop with an integrated video card after all.

Thank you for kind words and the art, we're really touched! We surely hope that the full game won't disappoint you. :)

It's an original ambient. We'll think about including it in the full game OST.

No, sorry.


2.5 Weeks.

Sorry, it was a mistake, we fixed it now!

Thank you, I'll fix it the coming months (and expand).

Oh, thank you very much!