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Thanks for the (huge) suggestion list! While preparing the next update (which will be released soon) I've read through the list and I've already implemented a few points (1, 13, 15, 17). 

Notes on other suggestions: (2) this is possible by overriding planetype properties but, as the game takes place in the vicinity of an aiport, most planes are below FL100 already so 250KT is the default limit; (4) for now I'll add a general 'localizerspeed' item for customization; (6) the distance will be reduced from 6 to 4 miles for more convenient waypoint selection; (11) type 'fail000' to disable emergencies; (12) is possible but only by using keyboard commands.

Some other points seem easy to add, but may add much complexity, whether for the game mechanics itself, the airport developer or the player. It's a tricky balance between: how much time to sink into creating every little detail, versus the simplicity that makes the game easy to learn and most importantly: fun to play. The feedback however is appreciated and I will keep all suggestions in mind for future improvements.