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Played this on pico8 and this was so good. The levels were very well designed.

If you are trying trueskip etc and want to see the levels if you cannot beat them, you can increase your max jumps in pico8 in console mode

max_djump = 100

you can also disable death by spike by

bbb=function() end

to continue the game with your changes made type


to make death work again type


Back to comments - I know you only have 56 pico8 symbols left but it would be cool to use the pico8 persistent save functionality to allow save/load of runs so you don't have to complete all runs in one go.

yeah, a save / load system was planned for a long time but it didn't end up happening due to space limitations

also good tips for people who want to check out the trueskip content! :>

how do you enter console mode