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first gemskip, hated it. round 2! 

spam z

you heard me

it slurped it up

in this post, ill try and fully explain my thoughts, i was tired when writing it originally:

Upgrades/ability items:

The items in this game are extremely unbalanced, and for the most part, you only want a certain few, as they're way more useful than others.

Double jump: a good early game item which become fairly useless later, its main use (for me) was to be paired with parachute for larger gaps. it can also be used to climb up areas usually only accessible with hook gun, but wall jump is also needed for this.

this is a fairly useless item without other items, and also gets overshadowed by those other items.

Parachute: an all round good item, also best when paired with others. it overshadows wall grip entirely, as it works anywhere, including walls. i found the best places to use this were if there was a large drop, or i wanted to make it across a large gap early game. its very useful when combo-ed with double jump, and can be used all throughout the game, also making double jump a somewhat good item.

Wall jump: an amazing item to get early game, lets you climb any height with a wall near it, and i believe its faster than hook gun. also best combo-ed with double jump and parachute, letting you make the longest jump possible without hook (so jump)

Wall grip: good for stopping yourself from fall damage without parachute, once you get parachute its literally useless.

Hook gun: I've talked only good about this so far, and yes, i believe its the most OP item in the entire game, as well as the buggiest.  you can climb upwards almost anywhere, as well as go horizontally for an infinite amount of time in air. The item also sometimes hooks in weird spots (especially when in water). the only other bug i know lets you clip through any ground beneath you, making it OP. my favorite by far.

Flippers: while the water items and climbing belt are the worst items in the game as they're too situational, the water items are better due to being the only things that work in water, so they're automatically useful.

Water tank: they buff flippers, that's all i'm gonna say

Climbing belt: easily the worst in the game, only some rooms even have climb-able surfaces, but usually they can be avoided, and 100 can be if you have hook gun.

Ancient maze scroll:  I don't exactly know what it does, but I believe it shows you how to get items (or the way to go) or where you've been.

Postcard: Bring you to mount hop, of course its useful.

Those are how i feel about all of the items, and the balancing.

I will post more another time, i have alot more i want to say

Hopworld community · Created a new topic thoughts...

this game is a great idea, seriously, but it is seriously lacking aswell. the map sometimes feels to big, and collecting maps can be kind of boring at times. i did enjoy my time with the game, but it did benefit from bugs, such as noclips and launches.

beat the wraith

then youll know

a new update? though this game was done since i havent played since like 2020, amazing work my bro!

wsad. just wsad. other than that pretty fun, works with snes controller so i can play it like street fighter

wtf does that bug do, i got it into the slot, and i got it to the end once, but im confused af

oh ok thats how lol

meep you're just too good at the game, how tf do i get the key to the chest, ive made it some of the way but this is insane lol

bro id show up to this party


place something on those trees

try c

is there a practice mod for foreverred?

damn i said a year ago

ah, ok, i thought you meant you thought there was a start/select screen you were stuck at

that was really fun, if comma and period could be used for player two itd be great as player 1 cant jump while player 2 parries or the tab closes

move right

pretty cool! heres my first run :

your dash is longer than the spike hitbox so you can dash trough them if youre careful

(with gemskip)

u stupid boy it means youre gonna get clapped

how do you enter console mode

wall jump off of spikes doesnt work like that, first you must gain an odd parity by walking into a left border or a left wall, then you can jump off of left facing spikes/spikes on a right wall, hope this clears it up for you!

it is a glitch but its easy to fix

that really sucks, ten thousand was such a good game

ha! my record a year ago was 2:59

do ctrl minus

went past the area where it said "claim your destiny" then it sent me to the main menu, i clicked z and now im at the start and cant move

controls: its pico-8 wdym theyre weird.

attack delay: that bc you have a bad computer.

the move not landing: the actual white part of the slash is the attack.

flying enemies: jump then attack.

did you download it?

no working


sounds great, if you do end up finishing it, a console port would be cool as controller is already easier in ten thousand, i cant make a pledge as im 12, but i would if i could, as the "you are one pixel" theme is so cool, reminds me of retro games (which i love,) while being modern and original, with the "power mode" being an ability you have to stretch to its full potential to progress, the game also makes the extra collectibles needed, and most require you to do some puzzle to solve, a great mix of game genres, perfect for casual, or intense players, as normal may kill you alot, but easy mode doesnt ruin the game, just makes it more accessible for those who havent played alot of games, and the hard mode is hard for even the most experienced players. I hope this game isnt cancelled, please keep up the amazing work, as for the first game youve made (im assuming as its the first on your itch page) you show alot of understanding for how coding certain elements work, how to add difficulty (without enemy spam so its annoying and theres no way to avoid damage,) how to add progression, how to let the player find out new combos for height or distance, how to get past certain obstacles, how to make things look good without too much effort (retro game syle is epic,) how to stop the player from getting lost, while letting them explore everything for themselves, its linear enough to stop mindless roaming around in search of things, while still making sure the player can go anywhere, its short but sweet, REAALLY sweet, and when you finally get past that hard part, the player wont scream "finally, that was annoying" and then sigh, they say "oooh thats a good strategy, I think im getting better at the game, this is great!" then celebrate. Mr. hyperpixel, I really wish I could support you, but as I said, im only 12, but you deserve the kickstarters you get, and all the support you get from other fans. I only wrote this review now, but ive had it in my head since this came out, im just really disorganized, please forgive me, and I wish you the best.

how do i go to the next lvl in practice

my thoughts on how i think you do it:
2 colors cannot touch
you must fill the white area (obviously)
the shaped tiles must have air under them

what are the rules, in a good puzzle, the puzzle shouldnt be finding out what to do, but how to do it

You said mobile controls and chromebook?? How does that work? Chromebooks can't run .APK files but run on Android, but I don't get it

Then dig dig dig, you must reach them yes, they speak to you so you must dig, you must help him find them (bugmeiser gives clues is what I mean)