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Hey hey! Just finished playing this with BOTH endings with my friend group and we all loved it-- SO MUCH!

It was so exciting to be with this game every step of the way and I'm still so proud of being able to beta-test for it. (Thank you again.)

Honestly? This is my favorite visual novel of 2017. I'll be making fanart and recommending this game highly to everyone I know! 'v'_b

(Spoilers ahead!)-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Playing the normal ending and THEN playing the necromancer ending right after was extremely satisfying. Very nice touch to have it recommended by the extras! We appreciated it!

The mechanics were fun, the music was fun, the art is fun, everything about this game is fun! All the jokes make me laugh and the genuine moments between Dr.Frank and Sylios were such a pleasant surprise. So happy to see the hand holding CG and really hoping you make that comic you mentioned!

And again, like the first time; the papa jokes all made me laugh uncontrollably. Every. Single. Time. The reveal gets me, it's fucking great, I LOVE IT! And I'm so glad Monster got to end up in a huge undead family with everyone, hehe.

'v'/ I noticed some spelling errors here and there but didn't take them down this time-- but I'll make a list if I do a second play-thru and send it to you!

Again, thank you so much for your hard work on this game and sharing it with all of us. SO looking forward to your next game and GOOD JOB!!! <33

AAAAAAHHH Omg;;; I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it!!! 

And thank you so so so much for your help with the beta testing and your advice on the textbox transparency was so spot on!

And yes, feel free to send any spelling errors my way, I wrote the extras page at 4am without a spellchecker so I'm sure they're in there somewhere, haha. 

Haha! I totally understand! And you are SO WELCOME!!! <3

I'll def be doing another playthru soon enough, so I'll let you know then hehe <3