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Hi I purchased this game a long time ago. And now that Hayato's route is out,  I cant download it?

i second this!!! i preordered the game two years ago and there isn't any download link available for me. i had send me a invoice of all my available purchases, and while it shows spirit parade it only shows the bigger demo version download link, not hayato's route. any help would be appreciated!

I think they took the download down because the file was corrupt. They said they'll probably need to recompile the game, so they'll reupload a fixed version later. 

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hope it can be resolved soon, i really waited a lot for this game to come. and i think i can wait a little more.

The download for Hayato's route was available earlier, I downloaded it. But it seems like something was wrong, because I got an error when I tried to unzip the files, and then the game wouldn't open. So I'm guessing they pulled the download to fix it.

ah thank you guys for responding!! i... wish they made a update about why they temporarily took it down so first-viewers like me wouldn't be confused by the ordeal. a bummer, but considering we waited two years for any content in general i can wait longer haha.


Hi, we're so sorry for the trouble! It turns out that using the Dropbox uploader to upload the game caused the .zip files to get corrupted. Right now I'm manually uploading the files to prevent file corruption, but my internet speed is kind of so-so and it's taking a bit. I didn't realize that re-uploading would cause the original files to get taken down, but I guess that's for the best since the files are corrupted anyway? D: I will send out an announcement once the files are back up and everything is working as it should!

- Lore

thanks you so much, and hopefully, we didn't add some unnecessary pressure on you guys.