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I appreciate a good cover, and the art for this project is excellent – and as it turns out, rather on point regarding the content. Jean Verne has chosen obscure modernist painter Karl Wiener for the full color illustrations of this book. Vibrant, playful, and sometimes outright contemporary, Paul Klee or Wassily Kandinsky come to mind.  Oniria’s Slumber is another Troika! based publication but this is it’s own system, with specific character creation rules. You play as sort of dream wandering modifiers, that protect the sleeping from dreams and nightmares. At character creation, you record Recurring Dream and Worst Nightmare as mechanics! These things grant you tokens and play out with certain triggers. This is so cool. There is included a safety paragraph, so at the table, people are reminded to be careful in detailing personal material regarding dreams and nightmares: You can make it up, but with intimate groups, this could be very potent stuff as well. Classes are Lucid Dreamer, Dream Reader, Day Dreamer, and Sleepwalker. You navigate the sleep world and interact with Reveries. PCs get faculties that allow them to commune with dreams, transform, link with dreams. Some of these mechanics perhaps are seen elsewhere in different terminology, but the language and subject of this book is just so cool! Requires more time from me, but at 26 pages, this is a dense book; not to read, but material wise, content wise, visually. I think it’s considerably inspired. Speaking with Jean, there may be a print-ready edition soon, and I think it will look great.

Thanks for this amazing write-up :)