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That's awesome, thanks! I'm working on it now so hopefully a first version should be ready soon ☺️

It's all explained on the main page! No video games, it's all tabletop roleplaying games :)

Thanks a lot!

Much appreciated Philip!

Thanks so much Philip! I only took the name of the areas from the bot and came up with everything else! I didn't have to edit them in any way, only group them in something that would make sense.

That means a lot, thanks! I tried to walk the line between a clear framework of adventure without developing a strict lore so I'm very glad you like it :)

Thanks James! I hadn't thought of Lancer, I haven't read or played Lancer but I guess now I should take a look

Yep that's definitely a typo, thanks for catching it (although a stormy knight sounds super fun)

This one is so great, the layout is perfect, very evocative and the overall idea is just fun!

The layout is really great, lots of cool fonts (which is MÖRK BORG-101). Now I want to build an army of these little dudes!

A really cool bestiary with a great vibe and fun ideas!

This is so terribly funny and well made. Love the crowd of corpse painted characters, great job!

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Yep that's it! Nothing that you wouldn't find in an usual set :)

This catalog is really fantastic, the diversity of ships conjures up many ideas for space shenanigans and the matching patches and various assets are a nice touch for online play. Love this pack and can't wait to use it in play!

These are some really fun items, and with a strong design, loving it!

Thank you so much :)

Thanks so much, let me know how it goes!

Woops, missed that one, thanks!

Hi! Has the email gone already? (just worried I missed it, no rush)

Wow so excited for this, i loved the original pamphlet!

Yeah sorry I couldn't upload the file because it was part of a jam and I missed the deadline, I'm uploading the file soon!

This is such an incredible module, I'm genuinely impressed by how cool this is!

Ah thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it, even better if it made you laugh!

Great job on all fronts: layout, art, writing, it's all great! Framing an adventure as a theatre play is a fantasitc idea I definitely wish I had before!

Thanks for this amazing write-up :)

Nice one! Should have thought about it for the tagline ahah 💀

Yes a zine sounds great!


Thanks for picking it up :) I'd love to hear how your players reacted to it!

Woooow that's one fun and inventive adventure, well done!

Thanks for the comment :)

Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

An interesting collection of texts that could definitely be used to generate adventures, or be the basis for some worldbuilding.

An interesting game with abstract rules. Highlights for me are the very evocative and creative random tables used to generate places, scenarios and encounters.

An interesting game with simple mechanics and an extensive setting. Loving the Temperament mechanic, a great tool to guide and encourage roleplaying!

A very intriguing adventure, with a great atmoshpere!

A short yet very atmoshperic game. The questions used to prompt the player's writings guide the story while remaining vague enough to create your own narrative. 

A veyr inventive zine, both in form and content!