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Perplexing Ruins

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A neat environment to explore. simple, clear, detailed. Worth the cost of admission!

Hey, thanks! Go for it, just a credit would be nice, otherwise use as you please

The universe of Harper's Quest grows! Can't find a group, do some solo adventuring in the meanwhile!

Ok just uploaded an updated pack with one jungle tile for now. Hope that helps, along with the 2 shades of green for under layer.

so glad! I just added a gray tile to the set too. hope you enjoy making maps with it

Cool! and a dinosaur and a volcano!

Actually not yet, total oversight on my part. I will add those soon, but lots of other fun stuff on there

thank you!

A fun collection to give your tables some different flavor, and well, N. America is big, with lots of maps, travel wherever with your Knights

Wow, this is really nice. Excellent art used excellently! Full of options, but then, yes, there are numerous ready to use encounter tables! Awesome. I am still in my reading, but it is such a welcoming text to read and enjoy! Well done

Excited to see this isle fill out!

Liminal Horror community · Created a new topic typo

Hello! On page 18 under scrolls, says "scrolls do not take up inventory slot" twice. Congrats on cool publication. Already printed and bound

Thank you very much for these kind words! It's been an odd experience. I'm so grateful for the support.

This is so kind of you! You have my gratitude :) For the record, there are quite a few fixes in the latest version, which I think address issues and bring this that much closer to a tighter Cairn supplement, with some good stuff. Good gaming to you!

I appreciate a good cover, and the art for this project is excellent – and as it turns out, rather on point regarding the content. Jean Verne has chosen obscure modernist painter Karl Wiener for the full color illustrations of this book. Vibrant, playful, and sometimes outright contemporary, Paul Klee or Wassily Kandinsky come to mind.  Oniria’s Slumber is another Troika! based publication but this is it’s own system, with specific character creation rules. You play as sort of dream wandering modifiers, that protect the sleeping from dreams and nightmares. At character creation, you record Recurring Dream and Worst Nightmare as mechanics! These things grant you tokens and play out with certain triggers. This is so cool. There is included a safety paragraph, so at the table, people are reminded to be careful in detailing personal material regarding dreams and nightmares: You can make it up, but with intimate groups, this could be very potent stuff as well. Classes are Lucid Dreamer, Dream Reader, Day Dreamer, and Sleepwalker. You navigate the sleep world and interact with Reveries. PCs get faculties that allow them to commune with dreams, transform, link with dreams. Some of these mechanics perhaps are seen elsewhere in different terminology, but the language and subject of this book is just so cool! Requires more time from me, but at 26 pages, this is a dense book; not to read, but material wise, content wise, visually. I think it’s considerably inspired. Speaking with Jean, there may be a print-ready edition soon, and I think it will look great.

I like this. In reading through it, I would love to see a second "book" for world building tables, etc. Neat niche atmosphere!

This is neat - clean layout, elegant! Kind of standard mechanics - neat spellcasting, cool Luck mechanic, nice magical item list

2e spreads look awesome! was looking at 1e, but seeing this!

Thanks for checking it out. I appreciate it!

If there were problems with the file for the Referee Guide being upside down, I have just uploaded a corrected version. Thanks for the support!

As of now, I think all saves function with the same mechanic. Called it Spirit save as it was related to that part of them, but will find a way to reword that. For now, essentially think of it as they need to Save (and here WIL being the relevant stat) to get over 8 in order to "save" their own spirit, or for a friend to then save their spirit? Thanks again! Currently writing a supplement with solo oracles! Stay tuned

Thanks for checking it out! Great question and will address that in updates. I quite like the less than or equal to SPT as it increases pressure, but to keep all saves unified and simple, this too would be Over 8 = Success. And if fail (8 or under) than PC is in DREAD. An ally then has chance to make SPT save to bring back from brink. This allows Positive WILL stats to benefit the defender from Dread....and here the Backbone skill becomes useful, to increase chances of preventing ally loss to Dread. Sorry, lengthy, hope answers. Thanks again

Thanks for that! Your work is such an inspiration! Cheers

This is a sweet game! Posted a fairly substantial write-up at

Is there a notable update to the text? Is this pretty much same as previous version?

this looks really cool - I like the HITS/Armor rules you've got here

Cairn community · Created a new topic some impressions

published some first impressions over at

published some impressions of Glaive over at

When a PC attacks a NPC monster, and said monster knows a spell, is it simply up to the GM to decide if they deal damage back, or retaliate with the spell? Thinking Flowerfolk in Primeval Holt (they know Sprout).

Posted a first impressions look at this over at:

You're welcome! Is this still planned for edited POD? ETA? Or should I look to local printing.

Received POD copy today from Lulu. Really good!

Just published a review of this game at

Hope it works

You are welcome. Seems quite a few gave it a read, so whatever little help that is!

Yea, it's how I'm learning. Use an oracle and lots of tables to generate, hence Vaults appeal. Check out the solo rpg reddit page.

Thats a bummer. Please contact directly, would like to purchase...I just finished writing a review and will be publishing in the next few minutes at:

Would like to be on list for 2nd printing. Is there email list or noticfication?

Rolled up characters the other night. Some real surprising and jarring things came up. As a solitaire player, the number of options and depth available in this streamlined system is very exciting. The character options offer oddity, depth and grit. (replayability!) Also, there are a number of world building generators in the last section, which lets the player get going and playing within minutes. Some of these are quite exciting. It's a low magic system, but the context and quirks really open up possibilities for playing Dying Earth, Mythos, Artifacts, dangerous magic. Cool stuff!