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oh! not sure why that should be there? In any case, thank you so very much :) I'm very grateful for the support, and hope you enjoy your sessions of Fallen!

hmmm....there's an exclusive content item? do you want a refund?

Hello Eleanor! thanks for checking out the game - this very point came up recently, and will get addressed in future games. Your no longer Rank up after 12, or 20, if your table prefers this...but you still advance per the other bonuses. of course, doing this forever, makes your Rogue far too strong, but I would move advancement towards tarnish points (and I encourage creating your own tarnish skills!) and aspects.

Hope this helps

New design is fantastic! really dig it

Please note that the investigation skill is on the original plain character sheet which can be downloaded here:

Oh my gosh! you are correct, and truly the first person to make notice of it!! you are not missing anything, that was a strange oversight, that I think the Incantation field seemed to overshadow...

Oh wow! thanks so much. Yea, I think quite a few of these tiles would work great for MB

Simple elegant system for prompting and driving Odd solo sessions!

this is looking fantastic! love the coloring and elegant layout too

Thank you so much! I hope it works out and you all enjoy the system!

Alas, probably not. This was laid from the beginning to fit American letter

That's very kind! I hope people enjoy it

Thank you! Glad you enjoy them, thanks for checking them out

Thanks Alex! I have just uploaded a compressed pdf of the single pages! hope that helps. Enjoy the game.

Thank you! So glad you are enjoying it :)

Woah, this is a really sweet tool! so many ways to reuse

This is so so good! Well done Colin. Solo rules! Lots of tables! Good art! Adventure! its all there

Just received my physical copy of this! What a cool book. Well done, great art, feels substantial in hand. Then all the prompts! I havent been able to play it yet, but even all the narrative hooks and world building, for any game! Nice job

a very simple and elegant travel oracle. Uses 2d4 and a waypoints/stages kind of system to propel your narrative forward. Very worthy of having in a travel toolkit, especially for solo players. Doesnt present too much information to overwhelm, but the results are evocative. Glad to have picked this up!

Very kind of you for the quick response! thank you for addressing it - stoked to see your excellent looking book :)

Hello, for the physical orders during zine month, was their an address collection email etc? sorry if i missed something. Book looks excellent

I am amazed at how much content you get in this for its humble price! A keyed village, maps, hexes, encounters, rumors! so much here

Hello. If you have accessed the files via itch previously, be it purchase or a key, the game should be yours. Meaning, you should be able to download the latest files no problem. The latest was uploaded 3 days ago. Please let me know if the problem persists, and we can get it squared away.

This has to be one of the coolest books! There's so much here, tables and tables, and good solid rules. Elegant minimal design, killer character sheet! 

Is this getting a print run soon!?

thanks for making this, so well done!

Just a great neat tool! so simple, easy, and quickly effective.Nice job

Hello! thanks for checking out. The pamphlet is single Letter sheet, printed double sided and folded in half. Hope that helps

A neat environment to explore. simple, clear, detailed. Worth the cost of admission!

Hey, thanks! Go for it, just a credit would be nice, otherwise use as you please

Hello! thanks so much for checking out Fallen, giving it a thorough read AND posting your questions. its perfect. First, Fallen is a work in progress document, and updated files WILL get uploaded here, but for now, I will try my best to clarify for you here:

1) there are some assumptions yes. Also, I am in the midst of leaning personally towards a stronger narrative component in my own play

2) Places - yes, you gain them on creation, and then infuse them into your play narrtively. but you can also include the fear mechanics stated

3) AV is the value from armor, yes protection. Health line is to split: Max And Current

4) so normally roll 2d6 for ability or skill. But if you happen to have something that helps, roll 3d6 and take the two higher, and two lowest if disadvantaged

5) Luck functions like a get-out card. Use those points to possible alter an outcome. But careful. because you may need luck to prevent death, which yes, functions like a regular luck check

6) aware of the formatting error. Currently having the book edited, and this was fixed and new file coming soon!

7) Ud & Gd: this will be getting more testing. I happen to like the Ud method, but dont care for having to roll it for every item, nor do I really like 1 universal Ud for everything, so was hoping to compromise by have 2: one for items, one for gear. I have received both positive and negative feedback on this...will keep your comments in mind too, for the final text

8) good question and point: I have it in mind that armor is static. first 4 slots for usable goods...will look how to rephrase this

9) numbers for weapons is HARM and , some armor has 0, its true, less useful that way, but to be used in a narrative capacity

10) prices: i will be integrating prices into the current list, but may be composing a small paragraph for general ideas, I would also suggest, using the horse price as a marker, you are also free to determine prices for your table

11) firearms: excellent point - this is carry over from narrative - the update will delete the caveat. Harm is harm. cross bolts will likely disappear too...

12) Horse dice: this is true (had lack of better considering reduction die, attrition die, this will be phrased differently

13) firearms dueling: this was the last thing I added for the update: but , should read Black fires first (lower d4) - the text is being edited as we speak, where a better writer than I will be helping me fix these things

14) Lore: was carry over from pre- static system. was lose d6 HP...I have just changed to lose 1 Health - this will be in newest update

15) Exploration: I added more specifically the Ud AND Suffer table on age 20. on complication, roll Ud. On miss roll Ud and Suffer.

16) If you face a creature with a Fear score. test Will. On a Miss, take Fear Tokens = to that Creatures Fear Score.

OK, I hope this clears some things up for you. It certainly has for me. I want to thank you. This was an incredibly generous read of the text. I will be implementing feedback from here in the book. Please feel free to join the Discord server, linked on the page, if you care to. I am waiting to do new upload, as the text is being edited, changes have been made from 1.2 already. Soon I hope. Be well!

The universe of Harper's Quest grows! Can't find a group, do some solo adventuring in the meanwhile!

Ok just uploaded an updated pack with one jungle tile for now. Hope that helps, along with the 2 shades of green for under layer.

so glad! I just added a gray tile to the set too. hope you enjoy making maps with it

Cool! and a dinosaur and a volcano!

Actually not yet, total oversight on my part. I will add those soon, but lots of other fun stuff on there

thank you!

A fun collection to give your tables some different flavor, and well, N. America is big, with lots of maps, travel wherever with your Knights

Wow, this is really nice. Excellent art used excellently! Full of options, but then, yes, there are numerous ready to use encounter tables! Awesome. I am still in my reading, but it is such a welcoming text to read and enjoy! Well done

Excited to see this isle fill out!

Liminal Horror community · Created a new topic typo

Hello! On page 18 under scrolls, says "scrolls do not take up inventory slot" twice. Congrats on cool publication. Already printed and bound