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Perplexing Ruins

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excellent answer! you know i dont tend to build my self play narratives that way (monster first, leading to narrative), tends to be the "why" first, but going to keep this mind next time i play! cheers!

Beautifully stylized pieces, that can fit a number of plug ins and situations! Great moody stuff!

really enjoy the booklet, will be reprinting the updated edition soon. There's plenty here, but as the solo player, compelled to ask if there's a chance of you adding some tables per sit design, etc etc? Always looking for all in one.
Just curious what you'd add, and its very unreasonable of me to ask. Great work and thank you for making!

looks great! appreciate the optional rules, to give a little more beyond the FKR core. also the tables for generating are nice

Hello! Thank you for your interest in my book. I have uploaded 20 Community Copies. Cheers

just picked this up, though happened to be on DriveThru. Looks really great and will likely be my first attempt at a skirmish game (as a solo player, that addition is awesome to see.)
Wondering about plans to create a "between" skirmishes supplement? overland exploration, growing the band, etc? either way, seems awesome, excited to try it out

A really neat project, with some fantastic art! loads of characters to pull along with maps and locations! super value for price of entry!

Hello and thank you so much!
Yea, so instead of armor having AV value, they function narratively. You "break", or exhaust the armor, to ignore the damage from an attack. This means the armor needs "repaired" or "readied" for the next round or next combat. Its a way for you to get a reprieve in combat

awesome! thanks so much for the notice - really appreciate it :)

dang! I need to dig this file out, will post when updated Thank you :)

Hey Melv! Thanks for checking out the game. I just uploaded a file with a transparent map! cheers let me know if that doesnt work

Hello! I will not be making that available. It was a Patreon exclusive, and the game has gone through several iterations since.

Thanks for checking it out! I hope it can fill in a fun session.

This is a fantastic tool! I was able to port into Affinity designer too, which was an initial concern. I watched Brandon's tutorial, and within 15 min was able to make up a very basic dungeon! Looking forward to playing with and learning the tool better!

fantastic addition! thank you

So happy to hear this! Thanks for checking it out, and I hope you can have some great sessions. Solo gaming is a wonderful way to fill in some gaps!

Thank you for the kind words! It's definitely motivated by the DIY and simple spirit of OSR

Wow, this is really great! Very happy to have backed this. Has a very simple way to play, loaded with generating tables. Awesome deal. I expect many adventures to get published for this game!

As an aside (to the author): just curious how you handle travel? hex or point to point or more abstract?

really awesome! look forward to a delve soon

Hey thanks so much for checking out the game! glad to hear you had a good time. And thank you for the catch. It should be Jump - have included the updated file, but you could write in Jump OR make up one you prefer and write it in there! cheers

There is so much in this package! A small game box. Looking forward to printing paper figs and doing a little crafting. Skirmish game, little like 4AD, affordable mork borg figures game! perhaps match it up with Solitary Defilement!? awesome project

Any plans to send this to print? Would be keen on this as a printed bundle

thank you so much for the support! I hope you enjoy the game and oracles :)

thanks for checking it out! i meant to do that, but grabbed the wrong file. there is now a 2 sided one! cheers

thanks! hope its useful

ah, sorry about that. Let's see: this video is a good visual.

when you have your original sheet, fold in half, so the text is all facing out. then fold in half (this gets you the "spine" crease.
then create a gate fold, bring the the flaps to the center

Wow! Beautiful. Havent read the book , but just on first scroll of the new pdf, this is amazing. I will be waiting for the printed edition, before i settle down to it, but wanted to say congrats! so nice

congrats on the webstore, looks great!

awesome! thanks for checking it out

thank you so much my friend! hope folks enjoy it :) and thank you for developing an inspired oracle system

thanks so much! the art is all available royalty free on my patreon! along with 200+ more pieces of art

thanks! i hope you find it a fun little vibe.

Hello, I think this could be done A4...if "made to fit" etc....? not entirely sure. i dont understand the comment about tradeoffs? if you could clarify, I could answer better. Thanks!

ah, they;re just there to add some narrative flavor to your adventure. I like having Omens, when I roll for encounters, instead of just "nothing happens" - it helps bring the world to life for me.
Also, use the omens to drive narrative...if its a voice, perhaps you hear NPC shouting... or a god talking to your PC...if weather changes, perhaps a wizard is at work
I wrote this to be pretty flexible and vanilla fantasy, so freely and widely interpret
Most importantly, have fun and run with it :)

Hello and thank you for checking out the sheets! I don't really have solid advice, but i'll say, roll d6 for HD, to see how much Hit Protection, they have, then add another d6 to this total for their Strength. this should keep enemies not too hard for a solo hero, but still a challenge. I recommend looking on the cairn website, for advice and a bestiary too!

Hello - is there a discord for down we go?

Thanks so much for checking it out! Glad to hear it's encouraging exploration.