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Woah! Played this during the jam and never realized I did a game jam with the legendary droqen! Beautiful little game, you’re very inspiring to me.


Hey, responding a little late (I've been busy... releasing three games, ha ha ha). Thank you so much for calling me legendary, and for engaging with my work enough to be inspired by it <3

Played your game right after seeing your comment btw! It's so cool what's still possible even within such harsh limitations. Your font is so blobby and fun, and the dancing phone on the title screen is so... organic-looking. (Maybe it's just a rotating sprite now I look at it really carefully?)

Thanks for the response and for checking out the game! Really appreciate the compliments. Yes I'd say we definitely were pushing the limits of how much visual info you can cram into that resolution, the result is... a bit cluttered, if still fun. The font and title screen are both my brother's work, and I'm super proud of how they came out. (He did actually hand-animate the phone, it's not just a rotation!)