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Hello! Rins here! I'm one of the artists for Spirit Parade. Thank you for supporting our game and for your patience. I am very sorry for the long wait. We were planning to make a big announcement this weekend regarding the game but there was a bit of a scheduling conflict and our writer was not able to get around to it. I have asked her for draft and I'm still waiting for a couple of confirmations from her before I post on her behalf tonight. 

I typically try to respond to comments when I see them and since there was a lot of the same questions asked that would be addressed in our update, I wanted to wait till then. If anyone would like a refund for the game due to the wait, please send an e-mail to with your receipt or your e-mail address and I can get that processed for you. Please note that it may take up to a few days to process. 

As for the update tonight, stay tuned!


Yes!!! thanks you! although it just one character, i'm happy that its my favorite one, thanks you so much!!!


This is nice and all, but the archive is corrupt and the game is not playable as a result. Mind double checking everything and reuploading it again?


i agree, i left to download and went to sleep, but after trying to play, archive are corrupt, making it unplayable, i ask to please fix as soon as possible. :D


Hi, we’ve reuploaded the files! Please try downloading again and hopefully the problem is solved. If not, Lore will take a closer look once she’s off work in a couple of hours. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience!

The game is still corrupt, now the traceback opens automatically.

i have to sadly agree with miyacrown, i just hope that problem can soon be fixed.

The archive is corrupt for me also. :<  Tried unpacking it as per usual with 7zip, no dice.

Hello, thanks so much for the game, I am really loving it! But like the other other comments, am having a few issues. I also got the error saying the file is corrupted. The only problem in game I have encountered is that there's no sound.  Whenever the BGM is meant to change an error claiming the file cannot be found pops up, though I just click ignore and move right on :P Everything else seems to be working dandy and I am loving the story~

Unfortunately, it seems the sound file was damaged either when uploading or when compiling the game and that’s why the sound does not work. We’ve tried reuploading the file so please try to download it once more! If this new download doesn’t work, then the game will need to be recompiled, which sadly can’t happen until Lore’s off work in a few hours.