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Haha, no worries, still adds to the overall atmosphere, regardless whether it's not nicely mixed.

Haven't reached the top yet, not sure how far I got, I think 6 or 7. But I'll keep trying. Noticed I get a bit overzealous when having a proper gun, but you get punished quite quickly when doing that.

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So I had a look and actually the game is outputting audio well under the red. The clipping you're hearing is Shisvi's lo-fi style.

I've added a basic volume control and reduce the default volume in the dev branch.


Ah, right, I hear it indeed. Seems I just don't like distortion then ;-) Thanks for updating it with volume control. I will have a go at the dev branch (if I manage).

However, I just finished the first 'dimension'! I noticed two things of which one might be deliberate. 

Spoilers below

On the level where you first see the heart, I could fire my shotgun through the surrounding wall to kill the blood vessels around the main heart.

I noticed (only once) that my shotgun bullets passed through the very fast bleeping virus like landmine.

Nice work haha. I'll do a dev blog when I update so you get a notification.

The first spoiler issue you mentioned is intentional.

However bullets passing through enemies is not. This is also something I'm playing with for the next update.

Damn, now that's an exploit I hadn't considered...

Oh yeah, I totally misread that. Through the wall?

Yeah, through the wall. 

When standing at a bit of a distance from the circular wall and firing the (normal) shotgun, not the sawed off, you see the explosion on the wall, so the wall is actually detected and bullets are hitting it, but I think code-wise the bullets are deleted a few milliseconds too late so they actually hit those blood vessels before disappearing. This worked with all vessels surrounding the heart.

Haven't tested this thoroughly with other weapons, only once with the three ninja knives, but I think they are moving too slow to have this effect.

I'll try to make a movie, but am not really good at that and also do not really have a place to put them, so I might not feel like doing that, sorry ;)


Thanks for the explanation! If I can't reproduce I'll follow up, but I think I'll be able to work it out.