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I’ve been looking forward to your submission, and you did not disappoint! This is really fun. It took me a while to properly grasp that it’s only the tiles directly connected to the new tetronimo which trigger. Each level is like a little puzzle, and it works well. I have only managed to get to floor 6 so far, but I’ll get the elusive 7th floor sooner or later…

If I could offer one suggestion: it would be to make the animations much faster. After getting the mechanics down, I want to be able to zip through a run!


Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game. I was very worried about properly explaining the mechanics, I added a bunch of tips but I fear they're still not super clear haha.

Regarding the fast-forward mechanic, I'll probably upload a patch with it either today or tomorrow. The actual reason why I didn't include it is that my code was pretty crappy and I feared it could break lots of things without some proper testing (and I didn't want to rush it).


Just added a quick option, though it's not hinted in-game. Just press the spacebar while on fullscreen mode or using a desktop build.


Nice, thanks! This feels much more responsive to me, big fan : )