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Thx a lot man, I still cant believe you wrote so much good advices. I know it's a loooong time science you replied me, I'm sorry. I had this tab open for 2 months :D 

I wanted to try those tips but it appears i can't find time for that. I study and work on 4 different projects now, so no way to look into graphics :( 

I will surely come back to that post after I finish my studies (about half a year from now on).

Cheers, Bedstuck!

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Hey thanks! And I'm the same now except with my studies. 

Took on double the amount of work I had last year so I dont have much free time for game development (^~^;)ゞ

Trying my best to make progress on my upcoming game, progress is slow.. I wish you luck with your studies pal! Education comes first

Isn't it love that comes first? :D