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MichaƂ IXI Kobzdaj

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I love it! You really improved this since gamejam :)
(i have noone to play that with :( )

Replied to bedstuck in White comments

Isn't it love that comes first? :D

Replied to bedstuck in White comments

Thx a lot man, I still cant believe you wrote so much good advices. I know it's a loooong time science you replied me, I'm sorry. I had this tab open for 2 months :D 

I wanted to try those tips but it appears i can't find time for that. I study and work on 4 different projects now, so no way to look into graphics :( 

I will surely come back to that post after I finish my studies (about half a year from now on).

Cheers, Bedstuck!

BitBucket wannabies!!! :D

I'm sorry, theres no tutorial :(

I'll record a video to show what to do. Have you read instructions for the game?

That's the whole problem, I did have 2 X-Box controllers plugged in and I could only choose bodyparts on them. Ingame keyboard moved both players :/

What is the connection with the theme "Unknown" ?

Kiedyƛ do was pojadę bo lubie wrocƂaw :D

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Hey, man! I loved the experience! Felt like mini NieR-Automata :D 

Keyboard is unplayable at that pace. Controller is lovely. Could be better if dash was on Bumper.

I would like to draw like you. I'm a programmer, but I'd like to do some simple art for prototypes and game jams! How did you learn?

Played and i loved it! <3 :D

Best part of it is the ending!!! ;) POWERFUL!

Replied to Gregg in Runeji comments

I made it past the door! How to beat the bear ?

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!! Guys ! I wanna meet you, creazy fuckers! :D Where are you from ?

Damn, so cool monster creator and sick font!!! 
Shame. Dont know how to play it, looks broken :(

Also! Music in the battle sounds like  Menu Music in that one xD

Damn bad controls :/ Shame! I wanted to play some :(

Lol xD

BEAUTIFUL LOWPOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

13/14 ;) nice!


how to play?!?!?!?!?!?!

2400!!!! :) GJ!

I did it!!! With mouse!! :D

Lovely song at the end. Couldn't help myfelt, just had to sing! ;)

Terrible for Tablet drawing unfortunetly ;(

Unclear consequences :(

Very buggy walking :(

I've shitted my pants! :O

Thx man! I'm glad someone played my first UE4 game :D 
  • "only some of the weapons will go on the wall shadows" - can you explain? I can't understand what do you mean.
  • "I try and get it perfectly alligned with the shadow but it dosent enter" - 
  • "wind on the flags" - they are there just for shits and giggles :D
  • "being hard to see in corners" - yea, it's a bit dark around there. I didn't make it in time to make it brighter. I had only 48h for that, finished stages at last minutes ;)
  • "the sensitivity of the rotation of the weapons" - you have a little help here xD 

Thx again for playing and writing to me! Textures are from InfinityBlade, they shared assets for free for UnrealEngine users. Did you finished the last stage? With 4 weapons, close to windows? :)

Created a new topic Cant drag window.

After virus appeared i couldn't drag antivirus window :/

woooooooooooooooow, mate!!! this gme is fun!!! ^^