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Nice game! Reminded me of "FTL" and "Out There". I also dig the minimalistic aesthetic and sounds.

Some suggestions: 

1) Some of the text has spelling errors so the text could use some proofreading. 

2) Some of the events felt like they ended abruptly, and I would have liked some continuity between events. For example, the ship takes damage but this is not explained. It would be better, for example, if the ship takes damage as a result of another event... So basically to have events spawn followup events more (I saw this happening for some of the events, but it felt more of an exception than the rule).

Nice entry! Good luck :)

some events cause you mission to end suddenly, like "Ancient cosmic horror" or "Invading Fleet"

I added more events and fixes in the next update, i will release them in the next update.

inspired by FTL, but leaning towards basic narrative :P