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thank you :O
i'll figure something out to help with that ;)

world 2 head left
world 1 head up
wolrd 2 head right 

while in world 2 head left
world 3 head down until you you are above the stairs by one block
world 2 head right
world 1 go down 

end :P

thank you :)

thank you :)

if i win i'll make it into a full game :3

error : memory access out of bound.

thank you xD

that is the idea ;)

thank you <3

If i win... i'll make it into a full game xD

it's just a prototype ;)

there is a glitch where the bot character is not visible....

thank you  :3

the first two were tutorials the last one is the puzzle :P 

i like the cartoonish animation :3

huh... i wasn't aware of that :/

thank you :)

Thank you <3 
i hope in the future, to expand it even more.

there is an update on it's way ;)

inspired by FTL, but leaning towards basic narrative :P

bug fixed in the new update.

 will update the page after zanga ;)

some events cause you mission to end suddenly, like "Ancient cosmic horror" or "Invading Fleet"

I added more events and fixes in the next update, i will release them in the next update.

glad you enjoyed. 

there is an update on hold. stay tuned ;)

welcome home :P

stay tuned for an update after zanga is done :P

not compatible with win32

not compatible with 32 

i'm sorry if i upset you. 

there is something good that i liked ... i like the female voice in the background ;)

it reminded of glados from portal, so i have a feeling you were inspired by portal.

i would love to see a puzzle hacking game :)

give it your best <3

wait til the voting ends ... then the real fun starts >:) *Bwahahahaha!*


32 bit

not compatible >_<

it's not fulfilling, it doesn't feel like a hacking game, nor it plays like one :/ 

that's actually cute :P

i wish to see something like this but bigger ;)

cucumber... really?!

the AI needs a lot of work :/

mfw the dev is making a joke =_=

i like the art style

nice game :)

the limited energy gives the player importance of planning his/her moves but that conflicts with  hiding the map. 

you are punishing the player for exploring :/ 

not compatible ... 

interesting concept ... but it's really short ... i would have liked more if it had bigger and better puzzles. 

1- Thank you
2- The theme was "you always have a choice" that doesn't mean you have full freedom :P

hopefully if this game wins i'll expand the game ;)

if you only know how much how many stats and variables under the hood xD