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1. Hey I'm Comet or Prince! Im a television who either tries too hard or doesnt try hard enough

2. This is the first game jam I've ever done! I wasnt so sure about joining but then figured that if I did I'd have something to actually work on over the summer and have to actually try to finish a project, even if it was something small

3. Some of my favourite games are Okami, the Zero Escape series, and a lot of tiny little indie projects!! I think that by far the indie games really inspired me the most! I figured that if people can put there stuff out there for others to enjoy, I can at least attempt to do that myself!

4. I have about zero experience with any actual game development, but I've done some Twine stories and fiddled around in Ren'Py and RPGMaker. I have a little bit of coding experience that might be of use though

5. Uhhh I'm pretty okay at drawing! I'm also very much into worldbuilding and character design and I love music! My interests tend to drift a lot but those are ones that always stay