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Hey thanks :D, I didn't have time unfortunately.

So to make the  stretchy dog :

- I made the full model in blender and rigged it. 

- Brought it into unity then de-parented each bone from its hierarchy. 

-Rebuilt the bone structure with unity configurable joints and colliders. Now the model flops around.

-If you want animations you create a sort of reference dog that is just a straight model that plays animations. You then have  a script on each bone of your stretchy dog which copies the position of each reference bone. Basically it just copies what the animation model is doing. 

- If you do it like this the stretching becomes a function of the joints. The main problem is that the colliders don't stretch, I have a convoluted theory for how I might solve this but for now I just disabled stretching. 

Also I forgot to make a post about the last thing I did on this.  I made this segment adding thing which adds new bits to dog, it gets pretty buggy but I though it was cool. 

In the gif its just adding new ones as I hit R rather than for an actual reason but you get the picture. Also they are all blue, they can be any color but for testing its just blue.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, the effect looks really good. Reminds me a lot of Noby Noby Boy