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Fixed centering issues with Steam VR?

Does this mean that when you load up new scenes like between being in the patrol car and on foot, you wont have to manually recenter your position to not be offset? I have this issue.. I'm always floating above the patrol car and can't access the controls..

Also, what does it mean that the ship HUD was sticking on halfway? Also curious about crypto mining like the guy below..

I just bought this but I can't find a faq or manual or any info on this game anywhere out there.. :( One downside of a non-steam EA, even though it helps your game in the longrun to release when finished on Steam, so props there, good business move..

But it leaves people that take part in the EA kind of in the dark with info and issues lol.


Wait.. have you tried the latest build and the auto centering isnt working? Because yes, you shouldnt have to reset every time you switch between areas. No floating.

The HUD thing was a bug, dont worry about it if you didnt see it. lol

Ya, I know its a pain. I mean, by the time the game is released, hopefully eveything will make sense in gamer and you dont have to worry about keeping up.

If you want to join our discord, message me at my name here at gmail dot com and Ill send you an invite. Its probably the best way to keep up with changes etc.

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Deleted my last post because this one makes it unnecessary.

Build 31 crashes on launch for me, but, I found out why..

It only crashes (for me at least, on this computer) when I launch the VR game without my valve knuckles (or I assume, whatever paired controller I use,) turned on.

If SteamVR is running and my knucks are on, the game boots without crashing.

Build 30 didn't seem to care, instead it'd boot up SteamVR, and just not run lol.. You'd put the headset on and it just wouldn't be working, you'd have an empty environment. However if you had SteamVR running and then ran Low-Fi, it'd boot, and you could turn your controllers on whenever to continue. Mentioned this in case it was of interest to you.

BTW, centering is much better. Close enough that there's no need for changing offset values, I can just scoot my chair/step over.


Oh.. and you'll be able to mine crypto currency in game as a secondary currency. Its not finished yet.

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These new games that incorporate blockchain are really cool. Glad you're finding a way to incorporate crypto in to Low-Fi.

I'll admit I have no idea how it works, but it sounds interesting.