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Deleted my last post because this one makes it unnecessary.

Build 31 crashes on launch for me, but, I found out why..

It only crashes (for me at least, on this computer) when I launch the VR game without my valve knuckles (or I assume, whatever paired controller I use,) turned on.

If SteamVR is running and my knucks are on, the game boots without crashing.

Build 30 didn't seem to care, instead it'd boot up SteamVR, and just not run lol.. You'd put the headset on and it just wouldn't be working, you'd have an empty environment. However if you had SteamVR running and then ran Low-Fi, it'd boot, and you could turn your controllers on whenever to continue. Mentioned this in case it was of interest to you.

BTW, centering is much better. Close enough that there's no need for changing offset values, I can just scoot my chair/step over.