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Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! :)

1. Yeah, I admit the game is really meant to be played at 1080p. Anything much lower (or currently, higher even) will be funky. We still have work to put in that area!

2. I agree. It's something I noticed as well and I'm getting our artist to pick a new 'dark color' for those so the contrast is better.

3.  Yeah, that's feedback we've gotten before and I think we've been a little too 'close' to the spells for a bit and didn't "see it", but now we do. We're going to have to improve that somehow. Your "darkening" suggestion sounds interesting and we'll try it, but I think we'll probably need a little more than just that for some of them.

4. Most of the SFX are temporary at this point. We need a real sound designer to look at them, but we're saving that for later during the project.

5. Lol :) There is actually an active ability for that indeed, on the Ranger class. We might make sure to spawn the Peddler class a little later in the game too, to not bring about too many new game mechanics too early.

6. Interesting. Will look into that, thanks! :)

Thanks again!