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Just gave the game another round of playing - great balance of difficulty in my opinion! When I was playing in championship mode with a bunch of cars, one thing I thought which would maybe help is to have some indicator of ranking for the other cars.  Maybe not all of them but maybe 1st place and the place in front of you.  The aesthetic might get too bogged down if you do too much.  Anyways, nice job on this!


I am making lots of changes and there was a really important update yesterday where the camera is now dynamic, so it zooms in and out at appropriate times, making the game have more energy.

I will add the ranking to the 1st-3rd racers, as I think that you are right about this.

At the moment, championship mode is the same as single race, but when it is complete, there will be 30 championships to win, each with a trophy.

also, i have now made it so that you race as different users - using their exact driving skills. So you will be able to choose yourself (you are JoeFoozle) and you will see your image and name on the game :-)