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Dang, this is tough! Have to admit, my first minute with this was really quite frustrating but there's definitely an addictiveness to the challenge. Hard mode is kinda ridiculous, it would be a traumatizing typing tutor experience for a child learning to use a keyboard XD I'd really appreciate some game speed options and perhaps the ability to click on a given square in addition to hitting the corresponding key. I had some fun with this :)

Thank you so much for the feedback! I completely agree with the hard mode sentiment, I can barely play it; I have to use a bot to test if it works. In the future, I'm planning on separating the ASDF and JKL; hit zones on screen to be able to better-tell where on either hand the egg is landing. The speed option is a good idea, I almost see it as sort of a "practice" mode.

Also, I promise this mode wasn't motivated by a bad experience in keyboarding class...