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It's an interesting concept. Not totally sure what's going on, but it's interesting.

Had overlapping sentences a lot though. Not really sure what I did to cause that lol

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Thanks for playing! Really appreciate the feedback, glad you found it interesting. Agreed that the objective is a little obtuse, but I imagine you got it. For the sake of overdone clarity, though, it's about getting your (correct) answer for the blank in on time while simultaneously trying to sync up your click with the arrow when it's over a "?" block which refills your constantly diminishing stamina meter.

And ah jeez, yeah, there are definitely some weird performance / timing issues I've seen in the tiny amount of testing possible over the weekend, the web version appears to be far from 100% consistent machine to machine. If you're on Windows, the executable is much more stable :)


Yeah, I'll have to try the executable later. :)