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This is both ridiculously hard and hilariously cool.

I'm a drummer with good coordination and also very accustomed to my mechanical keyboard and yet I really struggled to hit those keys in time, let alone carry one with the task of my other hand! Felt like I was drunk which I suspect is the case in this universe of yours.  So maybe tune the difficulty down a bit, even if it's what makes it fun! (e.g. adding lives, even if not shown on screen. some kind of "3 strikes and you're out")

Music-wise, I am not convinced you needed to use synthesis when a simple sample of a piano note would have given better results :) I tend to think the result is what matters but if you learned something about synthesis in the process then it's for the best! When it comes to the choice of notes, a better combination would have been C, F, G for example. Also, look up pentatonic scales, they're super useful when you're making music games.

Visual are perfect. Nice memes btw haHAA

This should win the  humour special award for sure. I can only guess you had a ton of fun making it :P

Hope this helps, take care!


Thanks for the feedback. I guess it was in the nature of testing it so many times, we kinda got used to the difficulty after a while. I'll take note of your music theory advice; I definitely need it! 

It was a ton of fun to make, there was a moment where all I could do was facepalm and question what we made.