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First I 'd to say that I'm really happy with my purchase the quality is really good for a game this early in development. It even does a few things better than the AAA sims on steam.  Once I saw a few videos on the game, I needed to buy  the game immediately. And I'm willing to support the game through the coming years.

Now I do have two questions:

1. On the Roadmap it says "Version 2 (2018-2019, new simulator, sold separately)"              I would like some clarification on the "new sim" "sold seperately" part, does this mean we'll have to buy the game again once it hits version 2 or will it be a free upgrade for people who already bought the game at version 1.0?

2. I don't mind having my games on multiple platforms but is a steam release planned and if so will we receive a free steam key?

Thanks a lot for making this amazing sim!

 I am looking forward to what it will become.

Hello, thanks for purchasing the sim! To answer your questions,

1. Yes, you'll need to buy v2 again as I'm considering it a "new sim" in that it has much broader scope and features, whereas v1 will be mainly limited to just British 1st generation DMUs. I'm still releasing several free updates to Diesel Railcar Simulator over this year and next year, and I'm sure they'll be worth your current investment. DRS owners will also get a discount from v2.

2. Steam release is indeed planned and keys will be distributed to those who bought the sim here!

Thanks for answering so soon, it is now much more clear thanks and keep the good work up!