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Thanks for answering so soon, it is now much more clear thanks and keep the good work up! 


First I 'd to say that I'm really happy with my purchase the quality is really good for a game this early in development. It even does a few things better than the AAA sims on steam.  Once I saw a few videos on the game, I needed to buy  the game immediately. And I'm willing to support the game through the coming years.

Now I do have two questions:

1. On the Roadmap it says "Version 2 (2018-2019, new simulator, sold separately)"              I would like some clarification on the "new sim" "sold seperately" part, does this mean we'll have to buy the game again once it hits version 2 or will it be a free upgrade for people who already bought the game at version 1.0?

2. I don't mind having my games on multiple platforms but is a steam release planned and if so will we receive a free steam key?

Thanks a lot for making this amazing sim!

 I am looking forward to what it will become.