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Thanks for playing! The button just to the right of the volume '+' mutes the metronome, BTW. Ideally keyboard controls would be rebindable to user preference, setting actual A, B, C, D obviously makes sense but in a snap decision I wanted to make sure the 4 choices were grouped together (for QWERTY users at least). The scrolling text could be anything, I was thinking of Iron Maiden when the idea first came to me and wanted to see how it'd go. Having the soundtrack be chiptune covers of the scrolling lyrics was the proper idea but, y'know, timecrunch, so an ever so slightly Iron Maiden-ish tune instead. Cheers for the feedback on this experiment :)


I think it could be a lot more fun if you made it more mad lib-esque. Could have like 'half-correct' answers that are joke responses and don't effect score negatively or positively. And the game kinda screams for original content rather than other lyrics. And I didn't even try the volume buttons haha :D

Oh definitely, 'half-correct' responses that do /something/ would be great. Setting up some reward for picking a word that rhymes with the original or that has a funny effect on the meaning was the original plan, but that got cut out for time. Original text would be better, yeah -- the thought here was to use something that might be semi-recognizable to help guide the player Guitar Hero-style where you queue up a song you know.