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The consistency of the characters' trait is pretty much appreciated, as it moves the story in rational and plausible way of future environment with its political and social conflicts. The flow of emotions from seriousness to cute even comical one is well-polished through their dialogues (but the still monotonous expression on the characters' faces is slightly uncomfortable ^^; )

Just hope that the state bar has its own menu, so that it doesn't cover up the graphic part of story, and keep up the good work (^_^)9

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.  The sprites are a work in progress, I personally find I don't pay attention the expressions after a while when reading visual novels, but I totally understand that it's strange that the character is yelling in the story, but smiling in their sprite :P

Not sure what you mean by state bar? If you're talking about the relationship/attribute points then they will definitely be presented differently somewhere down the line, probably in the form of progress bars that aren't on the screen at all times. Right now I decided to show them  as they are so that the player can see the effect of their choices even if in an unfinished form.

Yeah, I meant the relationship and attribute point (in my opinion) will be inconvenience if showed at the right corner of the novel. Pardon me if the term "status bars" isn't familiar, it's my reference to any visual novels and text-based games which using similar point or rating system ^^;

And it's a pleasure to hear the recent progress and plan you have made, wish you all the luck to finish the project thoroughly (>w<)/