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Thanks! I love his style so I'm glad you think so ^^

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Awesome! Thanks for using the pack, I will check it out!

Thanks so much for your kind words! <3

I'm also someone who always uses choice indicators or walkthroughs which is why I wanted to try putting it in my game as well, even though Renpy allows for very quick skipping. 

I do hope you enjoy my other VNs if you end up trying them! Hopefully it won't take years again for me to start working on my next one... >_>

Thanks so much for pointing out those typos! I keep correcting them but more pop up lol. I will definitely fix them in the next update to the game!

Thank you so much!! I do hope you like Wynn's route as well! Please do yell as much as you want lol, I'm always thrilled when someone is as excited as I am about a game. And glad to hear that my little story was able to help you through a bad day. Hopefully you will have as few of those as possible. <3

Thank you <3

Thank you!! It's the comments I receive that make it all worth while for me <3

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Thank you so much! Haha the game was originally much shorter, and Sabian wasn't even in it, but it grew over time as I worked on it. It's a miracle that I managed to finish it in time for the jam tbh

Out of curiosity do you have anyone in mind for another route?

Thank youuu! Happy to hear you enjoyed it! <3

Thank you! So happy to see a Wynn fan here since based on the feedback Sabian is the favorite by a large majority  <3

Thank you so much, I hope you like it!

Haha, so glad to hear that <3

 I really enjoyed the story. Both routes were very cute. <3  I've always thought that given the chance I might have gotten into DND and this game was further proof lol

I just finished the game and thought I'd leave a comment.  I love a good zombie apocalypse story, so I was expecting to like this and I was not disappointed. I liked both of the available routes and the designs for all the characters. Kira was soo cute. As for love interests, William was my favorite, but Christopher was very sweet too. Everyone (well almost) was nicer to the MC than they usually are in these types of situations, which I appreciated. I can't wait for Axel's route! 

Happy to hear that! Based on the feedback so far it seems Sabian is a favorite haha 

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for playing <3

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Congrats on the release, I absolutely loved it! 

1. Tristan was my favorite, I love me a shy nerdy guy. But I liked Theo and Luca as well

2. Yes!

3. It's silly, but my favorite moment is probably when I got blocked for spamming "Keep walking" at Tristan. I actually got up from my computer when he asked me if I was QA. I am one, that is my actual job. I died. I also really liked Tristan's first chapter as a whole, with the standup bit and the conversation after.

4. Kinda lol, I love trash

5. Probably not any time soon, maybe somewhere down the line if I decide to replay the game

I really enjoyed playing the demo, I loved how animated the sprites looked with all the different poses. the dialogue was fun and engaging. and the scene in the adorkable.  looking forward to reading more <3

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, I will check it out. :)

Sure, you are free to edit them, so long as you do not redistribute the edits by themselves or take sole credit for them in your game's credits, etc.

Thank you so much. More are incoming. Your project looks interesting, I wish you good luck!
As for commissions, right now I have projects I'm working on, but maybe later in the year I will be opening them again.

A cute and funny story. I found the art to be quite charming. I wish Andrei good luck in becoming a programmer! I assume you are from Romania (or maybe Moldova?), lovely to see Romanians here. Keep it up! :D

Hi Shizuka! I'm glad to hear that. Would this imply hosting it somewhere else or do you mean I would add the Spanish version to this project? You can send me a message at the email in my profile so we don't talk through these comments :D

Hi, sorry to hear that. You can google the error and you will find some ways to fix it. Usually that means just downloading that missing dll

Hi! I just released 9 new pieces so I wasn't planning on adding anything else to this pack for now, but I do commissions. Send me a mail at to discuss

reading that I'm a very cool dev makes ME happy lol. thanks again!

That means so much to me <3 Although I didn't reply at the time I read your comment initially, it was reading it that reminded me of this game. So I went through the project files and saw that I had started to redraw the sprites for this game at one point. I just finished them and made an update, so this update is partly thanks to you! Never underestimate the power of a comment :D

Thanks so much! As bad as it sounds it makes me happy to hear people enjoyed the story so much they cried (I am sorry though)

It's comments like yours that make me come back years later and bring small updates to my older games. So thanks so much again!

Thank you so much for your comment! So cool to hear the eye color thing worked in real life. I honestly don't even remember how I came up with it,  probably was inspired by some character in a movie talking about their crush's eye color in detail or something like that. 

Recently I wanted to make an update to SFM to add a side image of the MC when she talks, like in the old version, and then if that worked maybe add back some CGs at least for this kissing scenes. Unfortunately the structure of ren'py (the VN engine) has changed so much since then I can't get it to show up so I don't think I can keep updating this. I should probably focus on a new game anyway haha.

This was so cute and the twist was so fun and creative. I've always wanted to try D&D but never got the chance so it was doubly entertaining. Seconding another comment that was asking for a Dan route. His blush at the neutral end got me lol. Thanks for making this! 

Awesome! So glad it worked finally!

That really sucks. I haven't heard of this happening before. If it still doesn't work send me an email and we'll try to sort this out.

Thank you so much for your comment! I also have a special relationship with my first visual novels and I am so glad and honored to have provided that for someone else.  <3

So excited for the next chapter, been thinking about this game since I first played it!

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For commissions please email me at selavigames@ 


Hi. So sorry to hear that. The payment process isn't something I have any control over so unfortunately I can't help you there, but I'm glad you got your money back at least.

Thank you, although I don't know how you can like a vn without playing it :D

I'm practicing drawing as much as I can, although I'm lazy so it's not as much as I should. A good piece of advice (that even I forget sometimes) is instead of comparing  yourself to artists your like, compare your new drawings with your old ones to see how you improved. By practicing consistently you will get better! :)

Thank you for understanding! :D

I put time and effort into these backgrounds so I don't think there is anything wrong with expecting payment for them. And I definitely didn't make a lot of money from it lol

I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I'm honored to have made your first visual novel <3  It's a great medium for storytelling and I hope you play a lot of great ones in the future!

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It's no problem. Glad to hear it's working for you now :)