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Hey Lochar,

Thanks for the feedback! Great stuff! 

  • Agree that you shouldn't have to dig through the rolodex to find the ID card of the new hire!
    • We absolutely intend to add more functionality to the rolodex, including solving that issue.
  • New crew arriving tired is a bug, just lower priority than save games (what Adam is currently coding!).  But glad you mentioned it, because the bugs that people notice more are the ones that need to be fixed sooner!
  • A bit about XP:  the amount granted is relative to the points of the task, so higher point tasks grant more XP and this is capped to task level. So for example, character with a Logistics (4) doesn't gain skill XP from level 1 Logistics tasks.  As you correctly noted, we absolutely need to tweak/balance the rate of skill gain relative to the different jobs, because custodial crew are always working and maintenance tasks just naturally occur with less frequency. However, maintenance XP gain was recently increased so will need to take a look and see if something is busted there :)
  • Garden is for personality growth.  On the crew info panel (grey box when you click a crewmember) you might see a "Psych: 0" or a "Psych: 1" for example in their needs section. Psych: 1 means they have some internal personality growth to work out, and they'll go to the garden and meditate to do so!
  • Life support is for converting waste into water. Apparently it is not functioning properly! (And as we add more jobs to the game, we might give it an associated job)
  • Green stuff on the ground means there is a resource with the "reactive" property in a section (in this case cargo hold) without functioning compartments on the module.  If two reactants are present in a section without functioning compartments on the module, then they'll react and cause an explosion! Each reactive resource has its own particle effect, and purple smoke is another one. If you intend to put reactants in a cargo hold, you should build it with compartments (which module builder should be way more clear about, but it is mentioned on the form you stamp to get the resource ;)). 
    • We're also in the process of upgrading the notice system in general to better explain why these things happen!
  • For the RNG on recruits, feel your pain and FYI there is a recruiter job on the feature/implementation schedule where you'll have some implicit control over that.