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The controls and all the mechanics were described on the main page. I actually put a fair bit of effort into making sure everything was there. It's like receiving furniture from IKEA and complaining you can't assemble it because you set fire to the instruction manual.
As for the momentum, if you're jumping horizontally and land face first into a wall, do you keep going forward?


Oops I treated your submission page as your game page, apologies for the controls bit!

And for the walls, I guess it's a "to each their own" situation. For me, it's frustrating that plain walls behave as a deadly trap, because it feels counterintuitive in the context of a platformer, even if continuing to move mid-air would be less realistic physics-wise. But I can see where you're coming from: since your rules are consistent, part of the experience is learning that walls are a deadly trap, and how to avoid them.  

I do love the game though! I spent way too long playing it, which is why I bothered complaining about the wall.


Thanks SmallTall. Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh before, but you got me just as I was waking up haha. Truth be told I did think about keeping the momentum after planting into a wall, but I kinda liked how it acted as another obstacle, which worked out well considering there's only a few enemies in the game.
I grew up in the era of NES games, which were usually short and brutally difficult games. I think that may have reflected a bit too much.