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My review: This one was a wild ride for me personally. I'm a big wuss when it comes to horror games even though I love them to bits.

Thank you so much for making this game, I really believe it's very promising and holds great potential. I loved that the atmosphere was gripping and unnerving right from the get-go., and the art style is very unique, reminds me of Pointillism. :') 

The first jumpscare got me real bad, imma be honest lol. I think that says a lot of good stuff about the game.

I'll be following the game's progress further down the line, really promising!!!

Yeah, I'm not a fan of jumpscares myself, thats why I tone them down audio wise. If something gets you, it should always be something built up on, than just random dude that pops out of nowhere. I'm super happy you enjoyed it. I can't wait for you to play the full version in the future. Definitely stay in touch! :)


Exactly, pointless jumpscares are much less interesting than the one you managed to create, which is a very well-thought out one. I really appreciate your work! I will definitely stay in touch!!! Cannot wait for the full game and for any future games ya make hehe