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Yay!! Episode 6 finally out!! Anyone who knows me knows just how much this game means to me!! And since I love sharing the gaming experience with others, I'll shamelessly post the first episode of my journey into episode 6 so you can follow along if you want! A big thank-you to the developers for bringing us this fantastic visual novel...

This game is so cozy and yet a bit heartbreaking. I also did a video on it, hoping somebody will find this useful:

This game is strictly about doing your taxes. I loved playing every minute of it, you can watch my playthrough here:

np! even if an hour might sound long, it definitely doesn't feel like a full 60mins, and it's worth the play, highly recommend it :D

about an hour or so :) 

I had a really great time playing this game. Once I saw the artstyle, it immediately ranked way high up in my to-play list and I just HAD to make a video on it. Here it is: 

I did a short video on this game just tonight, it was so fun to play. My only complaint: it's too short since I wished I could stay in this beautiful world longer! The ambiance and music are so fitting to the atmosphere the game created. Thank you for making this game! 

My pleasure!

This is such a lovely, cozy, quaint (is that the word?) game to play. The pacing is perfect and the atmosphere it creates is so on-point and true to the cottagecore aesthetic. Lady Meowsith, I am so impressed!

If any of you wanna see the game before playing it, I'm currently making a playthrough-slash-walkthrough of it, first two episodes are out so you can watch if you want!

This DLC is amazing, I'm happy to see that it's now 20% off so more people can get it! It's a very lighthearted in-between little story, but adds a lot of dimension to the main game.

Sharing the first episode of my quick playthrough of the DLC here, it was super fun, wouldn't want you to miss out on the laughs :D 

An incredibly fun and lighthearted DLC! After doing a full playthrough of the main game and being so fascinated by it, especially as someone who had never played visual novels before, I just had to support the devs and buy this. My quick review: if you loved the main game and the characters, getting this DLC is almost a must! It's truly wonderful.

Leaving the first episode of my let's play here if you wanna check it out before buying!

Hello there (general Kenobi), I found  this game yesterday and just had to record it as it looked so unique! Was also enticed by the promise of dad jokes, so I jumped right in. 

The art style is unique and quirky, and the ending was hilarious. 

My only criticism would be to lower the volume during the credits  sequence as that gave me a jumpscare twice lol, but other than that, adorable game!

This game was truly wonderful. I played this demo yesterday and filmed everything, and I was so impressed by every little detail. 

The character design is incredible (you play as a very cute little deer/rabbit kind of thing), the sound design is so well-thought out, and the visuals are stunning. There is such attention to detail that I can't believe it was made by one human. I cannot wait to play the full game when it comes out.

 Ivan, you're great. Keep fighting the good fight, brother.

 OMAGAD thank you so much for being hard at work on this game, episode 6 is going to be absolutely LIT as the kids say these days lol. I really enjoyed filming videos of this game and I can't wait to play some more!!! Keep fighting the good fight

So awesome! I don't understand anything about dithering or blue noise, BUT I'm really looking forward to the full game, it's gonna be amazing! Keep fighting the good fight, friend!

Exactly, pointless jumpscares are much less interesting than the one you managed to create, which is a very well-thought out one. I really appreciate your work! I will definitely stay in touch!!! Cannot wait for the full game and for any future games ya make hehe

My review: This one was a wild ride for me personally. I'm a big wuss when it comes to horror games even though I love them to bits.

Thank you so much for making this game, I really believe it's very promising and holds great potential. I loved that the atmosphere was gripping and unnerving right from the get-go., and the art style is very unique, reminds me of Pointillism. :') 

The first jumpscare got me real bad, imma be honest lol. I think that says a lot of good stuff about the game.

I'll be following the game's progress further down the line, really promising!!!