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That sounds great, what I was referring to with scenarios was the ability to create different situations, such as being able to create a scenario where a train has broken down on the track, so both ways are running on the same track. This would allow a unique experience, which in uncreatable in a timetable like format. It would also create an almost unlimited range of possibilities. I think that although it should be no where near your top priority, it is worth a look into for a future version. My other comment was about the photo on the front, I feel it would look better with an ingame screenshot

The scenarios you describe would be possible to do automatically as well and I'm going to look into doing something like it in the future!

The reason why I chose photos instead of screenshots was that the in-game graphics are not yet that good and because I wanted to make it clear to the users that these are real trains, not some product of my imagination. Screenshots are obviously much easier to create than finding suitably licensed relevant photos, so I'll probably start using screenshots in the user interface at some point.

Thanks for the quick replies. The game is great and I look forward to following it as it evolves! Have you ever considered a Discord server?

Never head of Discord before, looks like some kind of voice chat server? What is it used for?

Also text chat, often a good way for developers to communicate with the players, and announce updates to them. It could also be used to create a great community of people who play the game

Thanks for the idea! My problem is that since I'm just one guy working on this software, all time spent in community management is time not spent in actual development, so I need to be careful which communities to set up and keep track of. Right now I've got this place here, Facebook and the thread (+ my own website). That's not too much right now but there will possibly be other ones as well, like Steam forums, in the future.